Company Introduction

TmaxCloud is your business partner on the digital innovation journey

Better Cloud, Better Tomorrow

As a cloud-specialized company of Tmax Group, 

we offer a digital transformation and smart work solution that ideal products for accelerating business 
with our proprietary technologies for 27 years. 

TmaxCloud delivers cloud platform, operating system to run all your systems, 

also we pioneered cloud integrated system service platform 

that seamlessly integrates all system and management to enable smooth operations across clouds. 

This enables our customers to focus on their business expansions and new innovations.


27th year








$1.3 billion

Enterprise Digital Transformation

We deliver cloud native environment that enables to focus on accelerating digital transformation and to maximize business performance for enterprises. By offering secure and flexible IT resources, TmaxCloud empowers companies to meet modern business demands and accelerate your cloud journey.

Hybrid Works for Client

TmaxCloud offers operating systems and collaboration tools for driving business innovation. By seamlessly integrating on-premises and cloud environments, we offer optimal solutions that enables flexible workload management and supports the execution of innovative business strategies.

Tmax Group has been at the forefront of the Korean software industry for the past 27 years, demonstrating consistent growth through its proprietary technology. 

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