Fully Managed Infrastructure Service for Enterprise Private Cloud

TCP laaS

Fully Managed Infrastructure Service for Enterprise Private Cloud

TCP IaaS leverages TmaxCloud's cutting-edge technology to deliver an all-encompassing virtualization solution for servers, networks, and storage. This platform optimizes and scales physical server resources and fosters efficient and adaptable operational environments. 

Businesses can significantly enhance their competitive edge by leveraging TCP IaaS's robust infrastructure capabilities.

The Value of TCP IaaS

TCP IaaS enables the enterprise to dedicate its core business activities.

Tailored Infra Platform

  • Comprehensive Full Stack solutions
  • Tailored Infrastructure expansion to fit customer-specific IT needs

Cost-Effective Infrastructure-Solutions

  • Embedding essential infrastructure features in-house
  • Streamlined operations and maintenance with integrated infrastructure management

Reliable Operational Environment

  • Minimizing impact from external disruptions
  • Auto-scaling & Failover

Key Features

We offer customized solutions with all the functionalities needed to build clients' cloud infrastructure, leveraging proven infrastructure technology.

Based on Open Standard

  • Open platform based on KVM and NFV
  • Open interface for easy expansion
& seamless integration
  • Prevents vendor lock-in
  • Supports for third-party solution integration

Open and Integrated Management Platform

  • Holistic Analysis Technology
  • Centralized Architecture
  • Overall Monitoring Supports

Zero Trust

  • Delivers a fully isolated network environment through VPC
  • Supports network segmentation with subnet

High Availability & Stability

  • Maintains reliability through a distributed architecture
  • Rapid recovery support
during system failure
  • Stable infrastructure expansion with high availability

TCO Savings

  • Provides only essential features for cloud infrastructure operation 
  • Stable and cost-effective maintenance system with proprietary technologies 

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TmaxCloud References



      Client Companies 

       Shinhan Life Insurance


       Project Details


        Establishment of Shinhan Life 
        DevOps environment.



      Client Companies 

       Shinhan Financial Group


       Project Details 


       Construction of Shinhan Group common AI 
       contact center platform (AICC).




      Client Companies 

       Shinhan Bank


       Project Details 

        - New development platform construction 
       - Shinhan Bank The Next Project MSA Project.





      Client Companies 

       Woori Bank


       Project Details


        Catholic Church’s next-generation parish 
        business 22 project.



      Client Companies 

       DGB Capital


       Project Details


        Establishment of a base application (platform) 
        virtualization system solution.





      Client Companies 

       Korea Rural Community Corporation


       Project Details


        Establishment of collaboration system for 

        Rural Community Corporation.



      Client Companies 

       Chungnam National University


       Project Details


        - Chungnam National University Daejeon, Sejong, 
           Chungnam Regional Innovation Platform Cloud 

           Operation System SW Purchase.


      Client Companies 

       Mutual-aid Association for Delivery 


       Project Details


        Delivery Service Mutual Aid Association 




       Client Companies 



       Project Details


        PaaS platform pilot construction.

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